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                                                                             If you find yourself indulging in dreamy reveries about blissful Dilli days, here is the moment to cherish your golden memories; relive Dilli with Dilwale Dilliwale!!

Dilwale Dilliwale has been connecting you to the soul of Dilli since 2003.

Born within four walls of a home in Mississauga, it has grown with us in our hearts and our homes. The infants have since become teens and the then teens have evolved into parents.

The attendance of the families with their children to the various Dilwale events for the past more than a decade has been symbolic of their visit to Dilli, endearingly preserving the Dilli heritage and culture in our hearts and homes. 

Dilwale Dilliwale has played accent to the colossal memories. Dilwale is reminiscent of our trips to Janpath, Paranthe Wali Gali, Roshan di Kulfi, Khan Market, Dilli Haat, Pandara Road and many others………….

Thriving in the beautiful environs of Mississauga, Ontario Dilwale Dilliwale has arguably become a phenomenon to reckon with…conceptualizing and organizing the most enchanting events bringing alive the idyllic memories of Dilli. Dilwale’s flagship events – Dharkan, Valentine’s Party and Diwali Gala Dinner - combine sheer magnitude and extravagance that offer a never-before experience to audiences, bringing the joy of Dilli back to where it was. After creating our homes in a distant land, Dilwale is blending the Indian traditions with Canadian culture. 

Away from Dilli, kindle Dilli is here to stay with us for our lives with Dilwale Dilliwale!!

"Humne maana ki dakkan mein hai bahut qadre sukhan; Kaun jaaye Zauq par Dilli ki galiyan chhod kar”
                   - Zauq
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